Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sorry Mom I'm Pregnant Letter

A sorry letter on how to tell your mom your pregnant. Take a deep breath and let the writing do the heavy talking:

Dear Mom,

Before you start reading any further, I would like you to sit down first. I know by now, you can feel it in your gut what I'm about to say. Its hard for me to tell you this, I'm scared, very scared. But still I have to tell you and I don't want to break your heart. I can't tell dad, please don't tell dad just yet.

Sorry, Mom I'm pregnant. It's Josh. I went to the doctor and I got the news yesterday. I just don't know what to do. I've been crying night and day. Am scared Mom and I need you very bad. Please despite your anger, please don't throw me out of the house.

Josh doesn't know yet. No one knows. Only you and I know. I just want to let you know first before I do anything. I love you Mom. I'm sorry.

Your daughter,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sorry I'm Not Perfect Letter

Don't let anyone belittle you, say sorry for not being perfect and drive the point across with this letter:

Dear Virginie,

Sorry I'm not perfect! I'm not that person you want me to be. These mind games and high expectations you've set are only causing us to drift apart. I hope you realize what I'm getting at- sometimes I just want to be myself around you, but I can't because you complain much and I feel I'm not good enough for you. Honestly, that's how you make me feel, no matter how hard I try, I feel I'm not good enough, not perfect to be loved, not worth it.

Have a little faith in me. That's all I ask! I wouldn't settle for mediocrity either, I also strive for success. Just like you!

Still, I'm sorry if I let you down in anyway. I love you and I would do anything to make our relationship work. But you also gotta help me on this, baby- it takes two to tango.