Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sorry, I Regret What I've Done

Dear Glenn,

Sorry I've put you in such a terrible, terrible position. I understand where your anger is coming from. But I hope you could answer your phone, I would really like to talk to you personally about this. At least, hear my side. I regret what I've done. I would gladly walk away from all of this, just tell me so.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sorry to See You Go Letter

Dear Karin,

I've heard the news, wish you had told me sooner and I'm really taking this to heart. I will miss you terribly, you do know how much you mean to me and how being together almost everyday has only made me appreciate your company more. The news of you leaving is not easy for me to take, my dear friend. I'm sorry to see you go. I wish things didn't have to end like this and too soon. I'm sorry, I wish I made the most of it with you.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sorry for Being Stupid

Say sorry for the actions you've done

Dear Georgette,

I know we're not on speaking terms now. Still I would like to say I'm sorry and I really mean it. I'm sorry for doing all those stupid things, I deeply regret it. I know it really got you upset and disappointed. It was something I did on impulse, a reaction to that particular moment, I didn't mean to offend you in anyway.

If you would like to talk things over just let me know.