Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mom I'm Sorry Letter

A short, but painful apology letter to Mama. Say sorry to Mom and do the right thing.

Mom, I'm sorry for what I've done.

I didn't want to put you through this. But it was the only way out for me. I don't want you to get involved- you and Dad. Please know that this is not your fault and nothing you have done or said in the last twenty years of my life attributed to this. All I ever got from you was your unconditional love and I am grateful for that.

I'm sorry I hurt you terribly Mom. But I feel its about time I resolve things on my own. No matter how bad things are, please always know that I love you very, very much.

Your son,


  1. Wow, good for you. We all need to own uup to our faults and say sorry for things we have done wrong.

  2. Saying sorry to mommy, well- that should come from the heart! not from the internet