Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm Sorry for What I've Done

Say sorry for an incident with friends and family

Dear Katherine,

I'm sorry for what I've done. I did it because at that time, it was more of a reaction to the situation. I felt provoked and intensely hurt. I felt what was said at that time was a very insensitive remark targeted towards me. You may not see it that way, but I had issues with those people from way back and they know how to push my buttons. I didn't mean for you to see me in such a bad light. I was hoping you'd understand me a bit more by now.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Writer's Apology for Tasteless Remarks Made

A Public Apology letter for insults made against hardworking people

I am deeply apologetic for my insensitivity and the offensive manner in which this article was written, I hear you all and I am properly rebuked. It was truly not my intention to malign, hurt or express prejudice against Overseas Filipino Workers.

Miss M. Fernandez

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sorry for Fighting

Tell Mom you're sorry for fighting with other kids at school

Dear Mom,

I'm sorry for fighting with Calvin and Dan. I'm sorry I got in trouble again today. I wish things were easy for me at school, I don't want to fight back, but I really get angry when they call me names and they call our family really sick things which are not true. Mom, I just hope you believe me that I didn't start the fight. I'm very sorry.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sorry I Can't Make It to your Party

Dear Gayle,

Thanks for the invite, but sorry but I won't be able to make it. Real Bummer! I'm my sister's babysitter this weekend and with my mom being out of town, I have plenty to deal with at home.

Hope you have a blast at your party!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Sorry You've Misunderstood

Dear Juliette,

Sorry, you've misunderstood, I believe its you that's missing the whole point of this entire situation. You may not think my opinion matters, but all my conclusions are based on facts, not hearsay or gossip. Its up to you if you want to believe me, no need to twist things into lies, no need to convince people to be on your side.

The question is, does that matter that you believe me or not? Honestly, I don't care and I feel very, very sorry for your sad soul.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm Sorry for Misgivings

Dear Jeff,

I'm sorry that you have misgivings on about what we are to do. As of now we must sacrifice our personal convictions for the good of the many. Our responsibilities are indeed great and they are not always easy, but you must not fret and feel any remorse over our decisions. My apologies if this has been emotionally stressful for you. We are doing everything we can to remedy this bad situation.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Public Apology for Behavior

To All,

The past few days have been very disheartening for me and my family. As you know I have been a subject of a viral video that showed my helplessness during a trying moment. As it stands right now, I have several hate pages in Facebook and Twitter with hurtful and derogatory messages attacking my person. The reputation that I built the past years has been besmirched. A bad day has now turned into wounded feelings and sleepless nights for me and my family.

I have been silent the past few days as I want this to go away soon but not before saying sorry and thank you to people who matter.

I would like to apologize for my behavior that was seen on nationwide television and now on the internet. It was unfortunate that I was caught on camera immediately after an overwhelmingly stressful mishap.

I would like to again sincerely thank those who braved the flood to help a distraught stranger like me. Their selfless act reminded me of how dependable Filipinos are in times of crisis.

Lastly, I would like to thank my family, friends and all of those who showed empathy, consideration and support throughout these trying times. You have given me strength and courage to rise above and be a better person.

Sincerely yours,
Chris L

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sorry Letter to Dad: I'm Gay

Dear Dad,

Before anything, I hope you have mom by your side right now.

Sorry Dad, I'm Gay.

I am not apologizing for who I am, I am saying sorry to you for not coming forward with this much sooner and causing you all this pain. I am sorry you had to hear about the real me from someone else and I am quite certain they had said it in a not so thoughtful manner.

I know and you know that for a long time now... that this was coming. This truth about me, that you may find ugly is a very beautiful thing I have kept hidden for so long. I love you and mom very, very much. Being your only son, I know how devastated you would feel, but this is who I am and its not the end of the world Dad. I know in time you will come to accept me and what I am. My love and respect for you will always be the same no matter what. I am your son and that part of me will never change.

All my heart,