Friday, September 3, 2010

Sorry Letter Saying Goodbye to Girlfriend

A touching sorry love letter to a Girlfriend

Dear Jenny,

I really don't know where to start, can't seem to find the words just to say goodbye. Maybe soon I'll be able to understand, but then I'm just going to wait and see for now.

I'm really sorry if it turned out this way, me not understanding you that way you wanted. And its killing me, you know? The way you told me that I failed you. I never wanted to, I never meant to. I'm just so sorry if I did not meet your expectations. I wish I could have tried harder. I wish I did everything I could, but it turned out I was unable to, I was not understanding enough and I'm sorry for that. I wish I could make you stay. But I respect your decision. I'll still be here and always be here for you wherever, whenever you are. I guess this is goodbye.


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