Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sorry I'm Pregnant Letter to Boyfriend

A sorry letter from a woman who wants a baby in the relationship with her boyfriend who has obviously held out for too long.

Dear Adam,

Sorry I lied. I'm sorry I told you I was on the pill, yet I wasn't. I just really wanted to have a baby- YOUR BABY!

Forgive me for the deceit, but we've been together for seven years and it seems you still find no reason to marry me and I guess you never will. But I won't let those seven years go to waste, I put up with you in the hopes we will build a family together, but still you remain this man-child who lives for nothing, but beer and video games.

Sorry Adam, but I deserve this child. I waited for as long as I could and I am nearing 42, I do not have much time left. The window for me to become a mom is getting smaller by the day. Call it what you want! But my despair over our relationship has led me to do extreme things.

This is what all that matters to me now, to have a piece of you in my life because I do love you. Don't worry I won't be asking for any child support and you won't be hearing from me asking for anything. I can raise this child on my own because to be fair I wanted it and you don't- or ever will want our baby. Maybe when you grow up. But I am not hanging around to find out anymore, I am through with that. Now I have something better to live for, someone who will love me back unconditionally.

I am quite positive this child is the best decision that I have ever made in my life. Sorry, but this is your loss.


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