Monday, December 13, 2010

Sorry It's Over Letter

Say Sorry It's Over to your girlfriend and leave her for good with the best intentions

Dear Darlene,

I'm sorry it's over. You knew it, I knew it. We're headed this way and things are not working between us. If we're just both waiting to pull out the stops on this, then let me the first to pull the trigger- its over. There I said it, and I mean it. This time its for real and I'm leaving tonight.

Seriously, you need to seek counseling and keep your anger in check, you are just hurting yourself a lot more by pushing away the people who really care for you and I'm tired caring for someone who doesn't want my help or love no matter how hard I try.

Sorry, Lalaine it had to end like this. But I think I'm better off a free man right now. The world is big enough for the both of us and I need to stay sane right now. Good luck, baby, you're on your own!

See you,

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