Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sorry Letters Blogspot is Fighting Back!

Dear Readers,

If you got here via Google search and you've decided to click on the Sorry Letters link with the proper spelling. You've done the right thing!

This is the original Sorry Letters Blog in the other one you will encounter in Google Search is a spammer from Pakistan who has been stealing my content. I will not go down without a fight!

I'm the original content creator of this blog and those sorry letters are from this site. He has stolen my header, my blog description, my sorry letters, my sorry labels and sorry links.

Sorry but your days of stealing content from Sorryletters.blogspot are over! Besides you can't even write a decent letter on your own.
Thank you friends for all your support!

The Sorrymeister


  1. Sorry to hear what happened to your sorry blog (though I find it quite ironic) don't worry much- everyone in the world knows how to spell SORRY the correct way :) we'll all land just about here in no time ;>

  2. @sorry letters sad to hear that :( but you should keep goin' jajajaja!