Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sorry Letters is Back!

Sorry for the delay people! but my sorry letters blog is back! Its going to be one big apology for 2012 for all the people who have been loyal to this blog.

Rest assured I have my eye out on that Pakistani blogger who has been stealing my sorry letters from my blog. Sorry man, what balls, but honestly you don't even have the brain to write a sorry letter yourself! Yes and he can't even spell the word "Sorry" the right way and even stolen my jpeg banner. So just avoid that blog altogether because I will always have original content to churn. Yeah and Google knows what he is doing and he will be penalized!

Stay tune for my updates!

The Sorrymeister


  1. sad to hear about this! I always loved your Sorry Letters blogspot as it is! U still rock!

  2. Sorry Letters Blogspot you're the original one in my heart! :) keep calm and carry on my friend!

  3. big fan of sorry letters here... same thing happened to my blogspot, weird i know, but there are some people who are content scrapers! You shouldn't feel sorry at all! the searches don't lie anyways, i think you can still turn this around.